52 Gospels and a Saviour

Reflections on gendered language, socially contextualized imagery, one-year lectionaries and sermon series

An early fifteenth century Burgundian John the Evangelist at the Met Museum

(1) Inclusive and egalitarian language

(2) Lectionaries and sermon series

During Advent, when the days are short, we prepare the way, expectantly, for Jesus Christ, who came among us in our human flesh in Bethlehem, who will come to us again at the culmination of all things, and whose Spirit of love comes to each of us this day. From Christmas Day until Candlemas, we celebrate, with light and joy, God’s dwelling among us, alert for manifestations of God’s love in our hearts and all around us.

Lent is our time in the wilderness, when self-examination, self-denial, study and generosity help us to reorientate ourselves towards God. As we turn to Christ, God’s grace meets us in sacraments and rites that hallow our hearts. Our Sunday morning sermons over these weeks — as we prepare for and keep a holy Lent — invite us to contemplate the sacraments and rites that are familiar to us; and they conclude with our anticipation of the life-changing liturgies and rites of Holy Week and the Sacred Triduum.

As they look back on the experience of encountering the gloriously risen Jesus Christ, the disciples say to each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us?” They had known God in Jesus Christ — and that knowledge set their hearts ablaze. Our Sunday morning sermons over these weeks explore the heartlands of our faith — those ancient and fundamental doctrines, concepts and images that tell us about our beginning and our end, that unfold before us God’s ways, and that speak to us in our own language of God’s blazing love.

Jeremiah the Prophet imagines a life well-lived — a vision of humanity planted in God’s good soil, refreshed in heat and drought by streams of living water, and bearing the fruit of good works. Jesus Christ’s call to all of us, likewise, is to follow in his good ways, to pursue the good with all our powers, and to choose the good in concrete actions — and our goal in all of this, to become Christ-like, like God. In our Sunday morning sermons over these weeks, we will reflect on the sources that help us to discern what is ethical and good, and we will consider those virtues that allow us to think, feel and act for God and for good.

Through our Baptism we became members one of another in Jesus Christ, members of a company of saints whose mutual belonging transcends even death. Our Sunday morning sermons over these weeks introduce us to some of those saints in whose lives we see the grace of God powerfully at work. Our sermons will also invite us to reflect on our relationship will all those, across years and centuries, who are Jesus Christ’s, and who join us in prayer for God’s new creation.

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Priest, Diocesan Secretary | Offeiriad, Ysgrifennydd Esgobaethol | Duc in altum

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Siôn B. E. Rhys Evans

Priest, Diocesan Secretary | Offeiriad, Ysgrifennydd Esgobaethol | Duc in altum